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Meet the Crew

ROBB MURPHY (Owner/Operator)

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Robb has worked in television news since 1978.

KTLA-TV (News Operations Supervisor) Los Angeles, CA June 92 – Jan 08

GRRM PRODUCTIONS (Owner) Los Angeles, CA June 92 – Present

Personally owned and operated ENG/EFP/SNG Production Company.

WGBH-TV (Engineer) Boston, MA
 June 83 – June 91

WTSP-TV (ENG Engineer) Tampa, FL
 February 78 – June 83


M.I.T. Lowell Institute for Electronics Cambridge, MA 1988- 1989

Central Florida School for Electronics 
Sarasota, FL 1978 – 1979

St. Petersburg Technical College 1973 – 1976

Fletcher of Chicago Amphibico Underwater High Definition 24p

NAB Satellite Operators Seminar 
Washington, DC October 2007

 FCC 1st Class Radio Television Operators License 1979

Feature Film Credits:

Warner Bros: “ShowTime” Helicopter Microwave Transmission Engineer
Universal Studios: “Bruce Almighty” Technical Advisor


Joined Flying Cow Satellite in February of 2015

Digital Transport Agnostic Gateway Solutions (D.T.A.G.S.)

  • Create correspondence with clients such as; ESPN, NHL, NBA, Dome, RDS, CBC, Univision
  • Review work orders and access video format, audio configuration, bandwidth level and circuit windows
  • Set equipment up for correct transport stream; MPEG 2 or MPEG 4
  • Complete first mile continuity check with vendors such as Level 3, HTN, Microspace, AT&T, and Dome
  • Coordinate arrival of equipment and Identify the I/O control room of venue
  • Work with Harris, Tandberg, Atem, Tiernen, Ericsson, Adtec Encoders
  • Set up Encoders, Decoders, D.A’s, run cable for video, audio, set up “Biscuit box”
  • Identify circuit at remote venue and establish outbound and inbound ASI stream connection
  • Measure distance from Production Truck to circuit, if over 250 ft, run fiber and use Stratus’s or Rattlers to complete connection.
  • Initiate full audio and video internal fax with production trucks including the TD and A1.
  • Establish A/V continuity, configure equipment to insure multiplex paths are routed from the correct positions within the compound to encoders.
  • Transmit all inbound services from clients to production trucks.
  • Troubleshoot encoder issues, Audio popping, ASI Stream Hits,
  • Work in software GUI to correct Lip Sync and Bandwidth issues.
  • Identify incorrect audio patching for 16 channel shows that are using both stereo and Dolby audio
  • Responsible for building and setting up VIP12 system to Monitor inbound and outbound feeds as well as local decodes of encoders.
  • Rapidly throw A/B Switch to protect Primary Feeds that are in jeopardy
  • Create Redundancy path by Transmitting 70 MHz stream from Modulator to Satellite Trucks
  • Utilize Bit Stream Analyzer to isolate any priority one errors


NHL Technical Production Manager

  • Set up an Evertz Logo Inserter and GPI Trigger insert the NHL bug into the clean feed
  • Manually test each function of the clock and score machine
  • Full Fax check with Production truck and client

Hurst USA Satellite and Encoding
March, 2004 to 2006

  • Operated a C-band Satellite Truck
  • Manually configured Azimuth, Elevation and Pole using GPS location against Orbital Slot
  • Performed Analog, SD and HD uplinks
  • Programmed decoders to monitor downlinks
  • Built feedhorn and dish on site
  • Trouble shoot feed horns for heat spots
  • Set up Encoder, Modulator, Upconverters and Amplifiers to required parameters

Coordinated and Transmitted Several World Series, Superbowls, NBA finals and playoffs, All Star Games, Latin Music Awards, Grammy Awards, The US Open, Baseball Classics, NBA and NFL Drafts.
Set up and monitored feed for X-games in Los Angeles, California.
Provided Encoder Support at the NFL game at Wembly in London, England.
Work in Canada for the Canadian Football League, NHL, Soccer and MLB games.<c/enter>
Transmitted Pool feed from Mexico City during the Bi Centennial Celebration.

MILITARY EXPERIENCE: US Navy, Earle, NJ,  Leading Seaman

June, 1996 to June, 1999

  • Stationed on the USS Detroit as a Boatswain mate.
  • Underwent two six month Mid East Cruises, including the 98 – 99 Mid East Crisis.



Joined Flying Cow Satellite in January 2013. 22 years of experience in various aspects of television. Spent the last nine years as a satellite and microwave truck operator/engineer. Worked in the Santa Barbara, San Diego and Los Angeles television markets. Master control operator, technical director, chief video editor and news photographer.



Greg joined Flying Cow in 2009 as a satellite operator. Owned his own satellite dish installation company. Installed antennas and receivers for major television networks.